Problems Renters Face:

  • Renters can’t find all the listings because there is no one place to start the search. For-sale homes have MLS;
    • for rent listings are fragmented across different websites
    • (Craig’s List,, newspaper, etc) often for a fee
  • Renters are not informed of all available properties when they visit the neighborhood
  • Owners need a way to pass an e-flyer to inform rental prospects about their property
  • Owners need a mobile advertising strategy, especially for the millennial generation.

OneChirp Solution


  • Receive property e-flyer automatically without getting out of their car, take the smartphone out of their pocket, purse or opening any apps.

Owners can:

  • List their property for free on OneChirp platform
  • Target renters who have OneChirp app and are ready to rent in the neighborhood
  • Add photos, videos, virtual tour that can be sent to potential renters mobile phone in the form of e-flyer when using OneChirp tag.
  • get leads and statistics.


If you would to contact us, please fill out the information below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Currently we are active in San Francisco Bay area.
We can add additional MLS feeds based on your request. Please reach out to us to make your area OneChirp enabled.