Real Estate Search App for When You Are On the Road

The One Chirp Tag helps transform the traditional advertising sign into a smart sign, integrates with the latest smartphone technology. It can push e-flyers to prospective users who pass by the property with clear navigation instructions pulled from your Google, Waze, or Apple applications.
Below you see the the actual “Chirp” notification you receive when you pickup an E-flyer as you pass in front of the property.

Onechirp mobile app for property search
mobile app for rental property search

Chirp E-Flyer

This screenshot is of an actual E-flyer for a property or “Chirp”. Press the upper right hand corner in order to view photos of the property. Press the ‘heart’ icon to place the property in your favorites for later viewing. The 3 circles show you valuable color coded GreatSchool ratings from 1 to 10.
Click on share to forward E-flyer to family, friends and colleagues, even post on social media. Finally, press request info button in the top right corner to contact agents that can help you write an offer on the property and provide you “real time” MLS information from listing or rental agent.

mobile app for buy property in California

My ‘Chirps’

All E-flyers are collected under ‘My Chips’ section with most recent one at the top. The e-flyers you viewed are kept under history for later perusal. You can also keep track of your favorites under its special menu.

Mobile app for sale property in California

My ‘Chirps’

In this menu you can sort and filter your “Chirps”. You can also click on each individual “Chirp” to view that particular property’s E-flyer. Chirps are organized by most recent to oldest, and you can delete properties at any time.

Mobile app for rent a property in California


This menu consists of only those “Chirps” which have been favored. This allows you to access your favorite E-flyers in one touch.

property search mobile app California


This menu will access all of the E-flyers you have picked up from the start of your time using OneChirp. It also includes all of the “Chirps” you may have previously deleted. This safely recall allows you to delete as many “Chirps” as you wish.

Search Properties

If you are looking for specific properties use the search bar! In the search portion of the app you can search by price, size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, property type, and even days on the market. You can also sort your search results by a specific category if you wish.


Edit Your Chirps

Here you can choose to either delete the chirp or ignore it. Delete wipes it out from your ‘Chirps’ but next time you pass in front of property it will ‘chirp’ it back. Whereas ignoring it means you will no longer receive the “Chirp”

California mobile app for property search
Handful mobile app for property search