Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Though selling a home may look easy, that is often not the case. There are so many little nuances that go into selling a home. As a realtor, it takes a little while to get the hang of everything. Even the smallest error in preparing your listing for sale can turn off a potential buyer. Here are some often overlooked mistakes that sellers make.

Refusing to Hire a Real Estate Professional to Do the Job

This is the most important point for home sellers. Unless you have a background in real estate, selling your home yourself is an impossibly difficult task. You’ll have difficulty listing your home on the MLS, you won’t have the equipment such as a for sale sign or a OneChirp Tag, and you won’t have the connections with buyer agents that seller agents do. You also probably work a full time job so it will be extremely taxing to have to focus on selling your house as well. A realtor is worth the price. If you hire a realtor they’ll list the house at a higher price than you would have, compensating for their commission. Save yourself the hassle of having to sell your own home and hire a professional.

Forgetting to Organize Your Closets

Everyone knows you should keep a house for sale tidy and clean. What most realtors forget is that also means the closets need to be organized. A lack of closet space is a major turn off for some buyers. When your listing’s closet is stuffed and unorganized your huge walk-in closet will look small. Sometimes, realtors deal with this problem by having the home owners completely empty out the closets. This can sometimes backfire. You want your closets to look huge not bare! By leaving a small amount of organized items and clothes it will look like your closet has a ton of space left. A perceived big closet will be the icing on the cake for potential buyers.

A Lack of Disclosure

Let’s say the home you’re selling has rusty pipes. Do you tell potential buyers about the problem? If you don’t your listing might sell at a much faster rate. However, you should never forget that this could end up in a lawsuit down the road. There some realtors who think the buyer will never find out about the house’s problems and therefore don’t disclose these problems. If the buyer finds out you could not only be involved in a lawsuit but you could also lose your license if the problem is bad enough. A quicker sale isn’t worth the stress and hassle that comes with non disclosure. You may feel invincible but one wrong move and you’re in for a rough time; not to mention non disclosure is dishonest. Even if you don’t have to deal with a lawsuit other agents in the area won’t want to deal with you because you’ve developed a reputation for being secretive. Save yourself the trouble and just be honest when selling your property.

Refusing to Re-do the Backyard

In real estate, if the backyard isn’t necessarily an asset realtors tend to hide it during open houses and the home selling process. This is a big mistake. Any backyard, no matter how small, dark, or bad it may look can be transformed with around $150 and some gardening prowess. Much like a closet, gardening in a backyard will take organizational skills. Planting some flowers and putting down some mulch and a cheap bird bath can transform a backyard. The reason most realtors don’t want to do this is the upkeep. They say it will take too much effort to keep the flowers alive and well. Put this on the owners if you can. But honestly, you just need to worry about keeping this backyard looking nice until the home is sold. That’s neither a huge commitment nor time consuming. This garden will look bad after a few months rather than a few weeks. A backyard can become an asset you can show off rather than hide and it can go a long way towards roping in buyers.

In Conclusion

Selling a home isn’t as easy as it looks. There are so many little things that go into selling a home. The best thing to do is be as complete as possible. If you don’t overlook any steps when selling your home your home should be sold in no time!


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