Alert for Bay Area Agents: Homes for Sale Robbed by Thieves in East Bay

In the past week, NBC news has reported that robbers have targeted homes for sale in Concord and Clayton. These robbers disguise themselves as movers and break into homes on the market and steal everything from laundry machines to small valuables. Police are warning all those selling their homes to make sure to clear their house of any valuables

Tips For Agents

Though you might think the surrounding neighborhood is a safe area, it is still best to take precautions. The Clayton neighborhood where these robberies happened had one of the lowest crime rates in the East Bay. If your listing has a lockbox you should leave a note in it reminding agents to remember to lock up the house before they leave. Often times, agents can simply just forget to close a window. This is the only opening a robber needs to break in. You could also invest in a digital lockbox. Lockbox brands such as Supra allow you to monitor who goes in and out of your listing. A lot of agents who don’t want to use an expensive piece of equipment like a digital lockbox can still set up a camera for limited cost.  However, these cameras and lockboxes can be a solid investment as they can be reused for other properties and your clients will feel like they are in good hands.

Other than technology, you can take to other methods to make sure you’re keeping your property safe. Develop a solid rapport with the neighbors. Ask them if they can check on the property whenever it’s convenient for them.  Have your client stop by their property on the way from work.

Leaving a home untended makes it an easy target for robbers. With the rash of home robberies in the East Bay it becomes even more critical to keep your listings safe. Following simple safety steps and precautions can prevent anything harmful to your listing from happening. Please forward this to your colleagues so they are aware.

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